Friday, January 05, 2007

Summat funny going on... year, new template I thought.

Except, I dunno what's happened.

Hopefully things will start looking a bit better very soon...

** EDIT - ooh ooh, two hours of tinkering about with the template and VOILA! Here's my new look blogwise!

Better? Well, it was time for a change anyway - I'm sure I'll get used to it...

I thought Blogger had made it easier to change templates but I still had to delve and scratch around at the html code because after I'd clicked the 'Customise Design', Blogger didn't like it when I tried to cut and paste the raw html template in there, so I had to go back to 'Classic Design' - nightmare, thought I'd lost everything!

But don't get me wrong, I didn't create this excellent template (my html coding is basic at best...), I got it from here and just adapted it - there's loads to choose from.

Still a few bits and pieces to add for the finishing touches, so I can work on those this weekend!


  1. Is Blogger, Not Beta, the culprit? I still have not switched. I want to get a new template myself before I do it. I fear Blogger may force people to switch before too long.

  2. Switched and I may have switched back...trying to sort out a new template which is supposed to be Blogger friendly but Blogger didn't like it...

  3. We will all be assimilated into Beta before too long. Resistance is futile ;-) I'm just waiting for the bugs to work their way out of the system.

  4. Digging the new look Weenie!

  5. There's lots of decent free blogger templates around. This is a nice 3 column template. Looks good.