Thursday, August 10, 2006

How come....

... something that weighs tons and tons such as a big battlecruiser ship thingy, can float?

Yet something that weighs far far less, ie me, sinks like a stone in water????

Little mermaid I'm not, but I'm still trying....


Much better is that I've taken up badminton again after years of not playing. Have found a good badminton buddy (glamorous C in her girlie whites!) and as we're around the same sort of level, we're playing some good games, although I've got the slight edge for the moment.

Was aching badly after the first session but in a good way. My smash is still pretty sporadic but my drop shots aren't too bad now!


  1. Well my dear, you just are not built like a big battlecruiser, and that's a good thing.I find those inflatable arm thingies come in handy, attractive or not, I like my head above water. :)

  2. Badminton is the only sport (other than footy, obviously) that I've ever really enjoyed playing. I haven't played for years though.

  3. Badminton is good, Mr. EC was saying the other day that me and him should get back into it. I had to point out that his timing wasn't great -what with me being 8 months pregnant and all!

    Come on the Blues! :)

  4. Me again,

    Just wanted to let you know that I have gone back to my original blog address (

    I guess I got restless again!

    I'll probably post at both blogs for a while though and see how it goes. But I think football will get more of a mention at Kinda Perfect :)

    Anyway just wanted to let ya know!