Saturday, July 01, 2006


... do England always lose penalty shoot outs?

Football isn't coming home. It's all over, bye bye Svennis, farväl.

I'd had a nice relaxing day, sunbathing, chatting and chilling... and it all ended with another frustrating England performance and tense penalty shoot out. Lampard, Gerrard and Carragher all missed, so Portugal go through.

Didn't feel like watching the Brazil v France game afterwards, but it seems like a rejuvenated French side are starting to look like they could go all the way, dumping the reigning Champions out with an Henry goal...

There's not one team I'd like to win now...yeah, I know...sour grapes!


  1. I watched Brazil v France but couldn't get into after our defeat. A part of me really thought we'd do it this time (must've got caught up in all the hype!).

    I don't favour any of the teams that are left either, guess it's sour grapes all round eh!

  2. Did England lose then ?

    So, why are all the chav cars and white vannies still flying their flags high and proud ? Probably didn't get the instructions on how to get the things off.