Monday, September 27, 2004


I keep periodically thinking about events last night which makes me smile. Thinking about what people said and did which make me smile. Thinking about how people looked and what they were/weren't doing which makes me smile.

Wasted a whole day today - didn't do anything at all except surf the net, upload fotos onto the Friends Reunited site and smile! Didn't get changed out of my dressing gown until after 4pm when my sis called and I went round for some Chinese soup that she had made. Picked up the stainless steel bin that she was getting rid of.

Sorted out my Phoenix turns, chatted on MSN with Adam and Si about Quest and had a look about changing my blog template but it's too hard work and I'll have to refer to my Dreamweaver for Idiots book to see what I need to do. Don't want to change it too much, but there's bits I'm not entirely happy with.

Anyway, best be off to wash my hair, have a bath and help the boyfriend fill in some job application forms.

Signing off with a smile! :)

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