Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sisterly Sunday

Just spent a pleasant afternoon with my sisters, doing girlie stuff such as trek around clothes and shoe shops. As usual, they went into shops that I don't normally frequent such as Selfridges(!??) but surprisingly, there was some good stuff in there, cool t-shirts and bags but at extortionate prices!

Before the shopping trip, met up with the boyfriend and our grandma in Chinatown for a spot of lunch. We went to the New Emperor restaurant this time, because Gran said they had a discount on! Some nice dim sum and noodles were scoffed, then we went up to have a look at Gran's newly decorated flat. Hmm...ok, to put it bluntly, even I could have done a better job and I certainly would have given the walls two coats of paint instead of what looks like one (and not a very well done one). Still, you get what you pay for and Gran did ask a distant relative to do it, so you can't really complain.

Sis is off to London for a few days before heading back to Hong Kong, so said our goodbyes and she gave me some cool Evisu t-shirts and copy DVDs before I left.

Back home, the bf was in a so-so mood - am trying to keep his chin up so we went through the newspaper job pages together and found 3 that he could apply for. Two in Sales, the other....Traffic Warden! He'd be positively EVIL in that job, but we'll see if it's a viable role.

Ok, taking some time out now to check out my Phoenix turns and see who's around online.

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