Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Man United v Liverpool

It's the big game at Old Trafford tonight, which means I'll get stuck in some bad traffic on the way home! :(

Made a bet with colleague - if Liverpool win, she buys my lunch at the pub this Friday; if the scum win, then I buy hers. Hey, there's a fish & chip lunch at stake here now, gloves are off!


I sooooo hope we kick their arses - will silence the few noisy Manc fans at work and show them that they're on the way down and we're on our way up!

Hopefully, Gerrard will have another sublime game in midfield, with new boys Cisse and Garcia banging a few goals at the Stretford end.

A happy update to follow.... :D


Oh noooooooooooooo! :(

2-1 to the Scum United and gotta face their sneers and jibes tomorrow!

Plus gotta pay out for lunch on Friday!

Gerrard limped off early on in the game and dispite a little surge, the Reds looked lack-lustre and disjointed.

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